AODME aspires to be the preferred resource for advancing the continuum of clinical osteopathic medical education. We do this by providing leadership, tools and advocacy to assist osteopathic educators in developing physicians who achieve excellence in patient care.

Building upon surveys of key stakeholders, the AODME Board of Trustees launched a strategic planning initiative that focuses decision-making on the end use of our product, the patient. The result was a long range plan titled “Moving Clinical Osteopathic Medical Education into the Future” that centers around 4 key objectives:

  • Enhance Communication Create web-based tools to facilitate communication among AODME members.
  • Expand Educational Programs Institute sessions at AODME programs to highlight best practices among AODME members; Expand educational offerings to include web based programming and archives.
  • Develop Educational Leaders and Support Personnel Create a DME Tool Kit with expanded resources to help new and existing DMEs; Create a mentoring program; Establish a resident leadership/chief resident education program.
  • Increase Clinical Osteopathic Medical Education Establish an award program to recognize and highlight best practices; Develop a strategy for OGME expansion; Create training opportunities for future osteopathic academic leaders.