Medical Student Performance Evaluation Update
John Graneto, DO — November 13, 2017

Information was presented by the AAMC staff and selected Student Affairs deans from selected schools at the AAMC Boston November 2017.
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AACOM and AODME—A Decade of Collaboration
August 30, 2017

Dr. Stephen Shannon, President and CEO of AACOM, highlights the valuable partnership between AACOM and AODME as both associations prepare for Educating Leaders 2018.
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Research Development Webinar Series Available
August 9, 2017

Dr. Robert W. Hostoffer Jr. along with his Allergy-Immunology Chief Fellow, Dr. Brian P. Peppers, have developed an innovative research training program – Scholar Seven – that is now available to AODME members in a series of webinars.
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AODME Presents Special Lifetime Achievement Award to Abraham M. Jeger, PhD, FAODME
June 2, 2017

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Congratulations to Dr. Lynn Mark for her Induction into
the AODME Collegium of Fellows
June 2, 2017

Lynn Mark, DO, MA, FACOFP, FAOCME (front row, center) was inducted into the AODME Collegium of Fellows on April 27 at the President’s Reception in Baltimore, MD.

Interview with Dr. Ulrick Vieux
May 8, 2017

The Association of Osteopathic Directors and Medical Educators is offering a two-part webinar on medical student and physician mental health on May 10 and 17, 2017. In the Confronting Reality two-part series, Ulrick Vieux, DO, MS, Eric Jarmon, DO, and Stephanie Kuntz, DO, will teach viewers how to identify at-risk individuals and offer strategies for addressing mental illness.

In this edited interview, Dr. Vieux, psychiatry Residency Program Director—Orange Regional Medical Center discussed the reasons why mental health awareness among physicians and medical students has been prioritized recently.

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Preview: ACGME/AODME Pre-Conference for Osteopathic Programs and Institutions
January 31, 2017

For the first time, AODME and the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) will partner to host the ACGME/AODME Pre-Conference for Osteopathic Programs and Institutions at the ACGME Annual Educational Conference, March 9 – 12, in Orlando, FL. The pre-conference will include a variety of osteopathic educators and leaders in various stages of transitioning to ACGME accreditation, bringing together those who can best share knowledge and experiences during highly interactive sessions. Lorenzo Pence, DO, Senior Vice President, Osteopathic Accreditation, at the ACGME, spoke with about the conference.

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Annual Conference—AODME and AACOM Collaboration Info
April 24, 2017

The 2017 AACOM/AODME Annual Conference scheduled for April 26-29 is shaping up to be a memorable event with significant milestones. For the first time the two organizations have joined forces to create programming for today’s rapidly-changing health education environment. Lisa Nash, DO, MS-HPEd, FAAFP serves as AODME Program Chair. In an interview with, Dr. Nash discussed the motivation for the development of this week’s program schedule.

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DOs Teach Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine in Madagascar
February 27, 2017

In the island nation of Madagascar where access to modern medicine is scarce, the demand for non-pharmaceutical treatment is at its peak. During October 2016, dozens of Malagasy physicians were taught the healing techniques of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine from resident DOs participating in an international health elective through Western Michigan University’s Homer Stryker MD School of Medecine.


Single Accreditation System Help —
AOA’s Application Assistance Program (AAP)
December 29, 2016

The AOA is committed to help your program achieve ACGME accreditation and Osteopathic Recognition. Through the Application Assistance Program (AAP), AOA staff members are ready to answer questions and connect you with an AAP peer consultant.


Osteopathic Application Pitfalls
November 22, 2016

Q: If there is one thing you want listeners to take away from your recent Webinar, what is it?
A: Ask questions! I can be a resource as programs work through the application and have questions or concerns. I’m here to help programs interpret the requirements and FAQs. (ph:312-755-5490 |