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Single Accreditation System
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ACGME Milestone Report
The ACGME recently announced the release of the first Milestones Annual Report. (More info about this report can be found in the Milestones section of the ACGME website). This report presents national Milestones data in aggregate form for the latest academic year (July 1, 2015–June 30, 2016) for 31 specialties.

Press Release: ACGME announces institutions selected for Pursuing Excellence in Clinical Learning Environments initiative.

The WHO's Zika Recommendations

AODME Election Results
April 27, 2016

Transforming GME
AODME announces its partnership with ACGME in a four-year initiative designed to promote transformative improvement within the clinical learning environments of ACGME-accredited sponsoring institutions in which resident and fellow physicians pursue their formal clinical training in a specialty or subspecialty.

Press Release

Single Accreditation System News
An updated summary table on program director qualifications in the single accreditation system is available online for review. You can find it here.

Strategic Plan

AODME's strategic plan “Moving Clinical Osteopathic Medical Education into the Future” centers around 4 key objectives:

  • Enhancing Communication
  • Expanding Educational Programs
  • Developing Educational Leaders and Support Personnel
  • Increasing Clinical Osteopathic Medical Education
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